Сборник арифметических задач и численных примеров. Дроби.pdf


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1. Title:Сборник арифметических задач и численных примеров. Дроби

Author: Евтушевский В.А.

FileType: djvu





Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads Review: ***Updated for book 16***

This is the kick starter for one of my FAVORITE UF/PNR series of all time.



TIME, people.

If you love paranormal romance and/or urban fantasy, look no further than this series.

Look no further than Nalini Singh.

Her writing is flawless.
Her world building is incredible.
And her characters and story lines are in a league of their own.


See what I did there?

Side note: I actually have a love/hate relationship with this movie. When you played softball for 16+ ye


Khanh (the meanie) Review: It was alright. It was just alright.

I know I gave this 4 stars, but to be honest, J.K. Rowling can write a dictionary with Harry Potter illustrations and I'd probably give it 4 stars, so my rating is almost irrelevant here, given my extreme bias.

The thing is, it was cute, it was sweet, it was entirely nostalgic to see the old crew again, but I hated the play format. As a person who grew up with Harry Potter, and who is in her early 30s now, I feel like I grew up with Harry Potter and the crew, a


Fabian Review: Exceptionally gruesome. All these Japanese horror stories are Ju-On ("The Grudge") adjacent! Most of them lack a coherent purpose or strict motive-- which is precisely what makes them all the more eerie and beautiful!!

P.S. Isn't the cover a beaut?


Lubinka Dimitrova Review: Robert K. Massie won my heart with his book about Catherine the Great, so I definitely had to read the one about Peter as well. I cannot believe that I postponed it for so long. This will be one of the best books I've read this year. Massie writes in a clear and concise manner, spicing up the story with ample details which nonetheless never burden the line of narration. The book is perfectly suited both for serious history students as well as those of us who simply enjoy reading history. Indeed


Dem Review:

"A killer with a message. The first victim was a School Bully who liked using his fists. The second was a thug who method of abuse was steel toe capped boots. A single clue of a School Class photograph from 1982 was left at the scene with two faces crossed out. There are eighteen people in the photograph and one of them is the lead detective Fabian Risk.

A dark and gripping thriller set in Sweden. I read this as it had been likened to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I Am Pilgrim two books th


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