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New Fictions

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Author: M.L. Senechal, C. Davis (Editors in Chief)

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Erika Review: 3.5 stars (but will round up since author avoided the clichéd trope of virgin heroine matched with very sexually-experienced hero)


Amy Review: This Treacherous Journey is a fabulous start to Misty M Beller's whole new series, Heart of the Mountains. I was hooked from the beginning when I was introduced to Emma Malcolm and her twin brother, Joseph. I was not sure what I thought of Simeon Grant at first but he quickly grew on me after I was able to look through his tough and hard exterior.
I loved everything about this book. It is a well written, beautiful and inspiring story of redemption, forgiving oneself, moving on and having faith.


Allie Thomas Review: The introduction says it all: Stories are important. When we see our stories not as "obstacles to freedom, but rather as the key to unlocking it," a book like If You Only Knew becomes a MUST READ.

In her first book, Jamie Ivey does just this - shares her beautiful, broken, and redeemed story - to encourage her readers to remove the labels they put on their own journeys and to own how the gospel can truly work in our lives. She reminds her readers that "our stories are not really as unique as we t


Janina Review: I feel a bit like a cold-hearted snob for giving this book two stars. I am not saying that it isn't an uplifting story definitely worth being told (and read), but I can't deny that there were a few aspects I had problems with and that the story didn't trigger the emotional reaction I expected it to.

Wonder is the story of August Pullman's first year at school. Auggie is a ten-year-old boy born with a facial anomaly that has required him to undergo countless operations and made him an outsider wit


Elyse Review: THIS REVIEW IS SAFE TO READ ......NO SPOILERS. There is nothing in this review which isn't already suggested in the blurb.
I begin with an excerpt:

"Suddenly Roarke Matthews is standing in front of me. His suit is ironed
with knife-edge pleats, his shoes are buffed to a high gloss. He looks like a soap
opera star, except his nose is a off-kilter, like he broke it playing football in high school.
He holds out a hand to greet me. "Mr. Bauer, he says, why don't you come with me?"
"He leads me into a


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