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1. Title:Design of Automotive Engines

Author: Kolchin-Demidov

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Mir Publishers




Lyn Review: Just as David Allen Coe sang the perfect Country and Western song, so might this be the perfect Russian short story / novella.

Tolstoy has all the pertinent Russian elements: death, misery, estrangement, corrupt aristocracy, worthless professional class, strong and noble peasantry metaphorically and actually carrying the rich on their backs, guilt and a moment of clarity before the end.


karen Review: i need to make something perfectly clear. i am well aware that i gave 4 stars to Daughter of Smoke and Bone. and i am giving 5 stars to this one.

the world is a tough and inconsistent sphere.

because Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a much much better written book. it's no contest. she is lush and lyrical and there is a gravity to her writing that makes you stop every so often to murmer "well said, laini taylor, well said..."

this book is just fun.
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

this is unexpected pil


Esmerelda Weatherwax Review: Overall I liked it, darker books tend to be hit and miss for me depending on how they’re done. I don’t like it when it feels like a book is being dark just for the sake of being dark and relying a lot on shock value. This world didn’t feel that way, the ‘darkness’ felt like a natural part of the worldbuilding.



There are a few plots going on, depending on which POV you’re reading.

The main plot is a prison break out, the book opens with one of


Nerdy Dirty & Flirty Review:
That was the kind of ending that is going to stick in my mind until I can get the next book in my hands. February can't possibly get here fast enough, even if it is only next month, but I am so very grateful I don't have long to wait.

This was a nice twist on the rocker books I normally read. I loved the female rock group. I loved that there was this awesome group of woman out there making music and that hopefully, slowly but surely, I am going to get to see each of them find their HEA. In this


Gary Review: This is the first book I have read by author Jody Gehrman and to be honest I wasn't sure I was going to like it at first. I was about 20% into the book and then suddenly it had me and I continued reading pretty much straight through.
This is a dark psychological thriller and well worth reading. The main character is Kate Youngblood who is a writing professor at Blackwood college while also trying to make a career as an author. Kate's husband left her for a younger woman and one of her best studen


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