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New Fictions

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Author: I. Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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Mary Beth Review:
I have been sitting on this review for awhile now, thinking on how I want to write it. Each time I started a sentence, I was giving away too much of the plot. I went into this book blindly. I saw that the ratings were awesome and noticed it was a thriller which is my favorite genre, its not only just a thriller but a psychological thriller. I did read the blurb and the blurb didn't give anything away either. I had no idea what this book was about, and this book has lots of twists and turns that


Matt Review: Pardon my rambling... my mind has not been this blown by a book in a long, long time!

First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Jeff Guinn, and Simon & Schuster for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

My ongoing trek though the world of biographies would not have been complete without a comprehensive piece about an individual who is often misunderstood in history. Jeff Guinn has provided this with his stellar piece on Jim Jon


Henry Avila Review: Catherine Morland , is your typical seventeen -year- old -girl, of the turn of the century (19th, that is). She reads too much, an illness that is sadly terminal. Gothic books are her passion and the rage of the era . Any ancient home, that is eerie , ominous or sinister, the young lady would enjoy seeing, if there were any in the area. She lives in a quiet English village, (too quiet), where everyone knows each other, which keeps the populous from misadventures. Her parents have ten children, a


Hoang Review: Rate: 5/5

Không ngờ Keigo lại có thể trở thành người kể những câu chuyện đầy tính nhân văn như vậy. Rất đáng đọc. Hôm trước đọc được nửa chừng nghĩ chắc cho 3.5 thôi nhưng vừa rồi đọc một lèo xong không nghĩ được lý do gì không cho 5 cả.


Jeremy Review: I really enjoyed "Deborah's Choice"!


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