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Author: Philip Campbell

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Rachelle Cobb Review: This is Roseanna's best book yet. Having read all of her other titles, I don't say that lightly.

At first I was a bit hesitant about Rosemary because of her occupation; I wasn't sure how she would do as a heroine. Boy was I wrong. Not only is she compellingly genuine, she's conflicted about her occupation--and eventually her faith (or is it lack thereof? No spoilers!).

Although the hero, Peter, struck me as weak early on, I quickly warmed up to him. After all, he's a writer and book enthusiast wit


NMmomof4 Review: 4 Stars

Overall Opinion: Mia Sheridan will remain one of my favorite authors, because she always has a unique story to tell that taps into my feelings. This probably isn't my favorite book of hers, but that's just because she has such amazing stuff! I feel bad for rating this as 4 stars, but for me that is a pretty high rating. I feel like she could re-write the phone book and I'd still enjoy her take on it and eat it up! I love her perspective on life and how that shows through in her character


Roxane Review: Review forthcoming. Thoughtful, sobering essay collection with moments of memoir. Some exceptional moments, some repetitive ideas, a glaring absence of reckoning with the intersection of race and gender. Well worth a read.


Steve Review: There once was a lad reared in Limerick,
Quite literally without a bone to pick.
His da used scant earnings
To slake liquid yearnings;
In American parlance – a dick.

To get past a father who drank
In a place that was dismal and dank,
He wrote not in rhymes,
But of those shite times
A memoir that filled up his bank.


Chelsea Humphrey Review: 3.5 STARS

I was in the minority last year when Fiona Barton’s The Widow was published; I didn’t dislike it, but I felt it was another case of the media hyping up a book to unrealistic expectations and touting a killer twist that wasn’t there. None of this is the author’s fault; it was simply a mismatching of book to reader. When I saw The Child being promoted in a similar form this year, I decided to shut my eyes, close my ears, and go in blind. I avoided all reviews, spoilers, media packets, et


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