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1. Title:Calculus and Linear Algebra. Volume 2: Vector Spaces, Many-Variable Calculus, and Differential Equations

Author: Wilfred Kaplan, Donald J. Lewis

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Wiley \\/ University of Michigan Library





Carol Review: I did enjoy this book, and it re-awakened my desire to visit Italy. The descriptions of the landscape, culture and people are very good and evoke the slow, lazy summer days one dreams of in Italy.

I found the writing quite old fashioned but it was set in the 50s and I think the author was trying to make that more authentic.

I didn't like the way the main character was always called by her full name 'Beatrice Malaspina', naturally one would call her Beatrice after using the name so many times, an


Jenny Levine Review:
“Arms of a stranger, a warm blooded kiss, trying to fill the void, of the one that I miss.
Perfume whispers, lashes and lace, but I can only hear your voice, I’m so out of place.
All these painkillers, that’s all they are.

Liam and Josie were HS sweethearts.
He's a quarterback and captain of the football team.
She's a cheerleader.
They were the poster kids for romance throughout the town.
Everyone knew they were together and nothing was going to break them up.
And they're certain they


~Tina~ Review: Aussie Book challenge 2011 #7

What Alice Forget, tells the story of a women who thinks it's the year 1998, about to have her first child and is happily married to her husband, Nick. But a bump on the noggin changed all that....
What would you do if you lost 10 years of your life and all the wonderful moments you were looking forward to already happened, but you don't remember? How would you feel waking up to emotions that were still very much alive in your heart and thoughts, only for the true rea


Megan Review: So, I read this graphic novel last week during my dinner break, and it's taken me this whole week to figure out how to organize my thoughts. Here we go.

I read volume 1 of Bitch Planet last November, in the scrum of one of the worst elections in American history. I remember watching Donald Trump talk about abortion as if doctors "ripped the baby out, they rip it right out," reading about Mike Pence's beliefs on conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ folks, and listening to countless waves of white Republi


Derek Liggett Review: Couldn't finish the third installment. It's basically a poorer version of Lord of the Rings. Scenes that are almost identical to Tolkien's but without the storytelling ability of Tolkien. Each book starts exactly the same way. Exactly. The. Same. Way. To be fair it was written awhile ago when Tolkien was basically the epic fantasy template and I have heard the series greatly improves as it goes on. Maybe someday I will continue it.


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