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1. Title:Random mappings

Author: Kolchin V.F.

FileType: djvu

Publisher:OS Inc




Kat Kennedy Review: For some reason, I expected that she'd do the scene from book 2 where Barrons has Mac chained to the poll and is threatening to tattoo her. Or maybe I just have a thing for chains...

Regardless, I'm curious as to her methods here. More Barrons undoubtedly = good. But I rather expected more sex. I don't know what about the term "JZB Sex Scene" indicated to me that I'd be reading a raunchy chapter about Barrons having sex. But that part was kind of glossed over.

*3,000 words of JZB internalizing*


Talking Books Review: There are multiple points of view in this story. The prologue had my heart picking up the beats somewhat. Both sides of the story have some tragic/devastating moments and a read with its fare share of twists throughout the story.
Review copy received from Random House Publishing via Netgalley for an honest rating


Betsy Review: Donna VanLiere does again. Another great story. 4 stars


Anne Review: The only good pig is a dead pig.

Yeah, yeah, everyone claims Orwell wrote this as about the Russian Revolution, Stalin, and the rise of Communism.
Pshttt. Whatever.
You know what I think he was really saying?
Beware the Other White Meat!
Ok, maybe not.

Look, I know what you're thinking, That pig looks adorable!, but the next thing you know, that piggy is all grown up and stealing your cookies!

And you'll let it steal your cookies because Mr. Pig has convinced you that giving up your cookies every


J.G. Keely Review: Like many, I read comics as a child, but I was not avid--never a collector--and it was not until I became an adult and returned to comics that I began to look at what they can be, and the stories they can tell. Whatever avidity I lacked then, I have since made up for, becoming an incidental snob for European comics.

Similarly, despite my familiarity as a child with Japanese anime, it is only in recent years that I have returned to that tradition. I watched Dragonball, Sailor Moon, and Ronin Warri


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