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1. Title:Biotechnology for Waste and Wastewater Treatment

Author: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

FileType: djvu

Publisher:William Andrew





valee Review: Well, I'm not making a huge review about this book because I don't think it deserves it.
I liked the beginning, sounded entertaining and different. But then it went downhill. I did loved the characters though, all of them.

My problem with this installment was that the romance felt forced and unbelievable. I hate it when characters get in love in the first week. But I hate it even more when it becomes extremely cheesy which was the case with this story. I mean, there's a limited number of times I c


Bryn (Plus Others) Review: It is hard to know how to rate this; not a lot happens, and it is very detailed about the exact shades of every emotion the characters are having, sometimes lingering for panels and panels over one feeling. I don't dislike that, exactly, but it felt a little... uncomfortable, maybe; there are so many moments where I wish they would just really listen to each other, instead of guessing and leaping ahead. But then there were some really fun parts; I liked (view spoiler)[seeing Sawako dressed more


Wendy Darling Review: "You see it in all animals - the female of the species is more deadly than the male."

4.5 stars Holy shit, this is good. It sounds like it's going to be a revenge thriller, and it is--but it's also a searing takedown of rape culture and a merciless examination of the way violence begets violence. Riveting prose, three clear POVs, and a relentless story that doesn't try to provide answers, but forces you to think about the things we excuse legally and socially. In a year in which we've stood by an


Kate Review: I do not want to have lunch with Barbara Kingsolver. I do not want to sit across the table from this self-satisfied woman and have her gently scold me for eating imported "world traveler" foods, like bananas. I also do not want to hear any more of her stories about how awesome she and her family are, and how they were able to eat primarily off what they could grow in their backyard, (plenty of fresh vegetables!) or buy from local farmers (who are all personal friends, anyway! Aren't we cool?). I


Amanda Review: (recension tagen från min blogg)

I Allt som är tittar vi in hos den dementa Ester och hennes vårdbiträde Sara och får följa hur de motsträvigt anpassar sig till att ha varandra i sina liv.

Berättelsen tar upp mycket av det där vardagliga, det gråa i samvaron som så många känner till, och får en att känna för karaktärerna.

De är på många vis lika varandra - de är envisa, nästan manipulativa och har egentligen inga andra i sitt liv. Likheterna i kombination med insikten att de behöver varandra leder


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