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1. Title:Ударная техника Вин Чунь

Author: Нескородев С.Н.

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A Klue Review: Having read book 6, Never Kiss a Highlander, I can see this author still tends to take a very leisurely pace when telling a romantic tale. There is quite a bit of time spent on several different types of commentary (from the scenery, to the heroine’s first impression/introduction to the hero’s family castle/inhabitants, to drawing lessons, to sub-characters gossiping/trying to intervene/get the main couple to become a romantic couple, even details about the building of bookshelves). It will be u


Dolly Review: Reminiscent of Karma Wilson's classic story Bear Snores On, this rhyming tale about a big, growly bear and a couple of smaller critters is sure to entertain younger children.

The wax pencil crayon and watercolor illustrations are adorable and the characters are very expressive. This would be fun to read aloud with a group or for a one-on-one bedtime snuggle.


Maria Marshall Review: Hattie McFadden loved to explore the lake in her canoe. Hattie discovered all kinds of things out on the lake. Including Hudson, a friendly lake monster who likes her singing. But not everyone likes Hudson. It's up to the bravery, intelligence, and wisdom of Hattie and Hudson to change the town's mind and save a special friendship.
The illustrations draw you right into the bright, vibrant summer scenes at a sparkling lake. Van Dusen imbues Hudson (and the rest of the characters) with such wonderf


Amy Review: There's no place like Wicked...

Just like a fairytale with a lot of Sassiness. I think this was my favorite of the three in the series. The chemistry and story fit perfectly.


Laura Review:
But whatever Becca said now might come back on her in bitchy subtweets and status updates and knowing looks. Words ran like barbed wire around the teenage community of this small town, ready to scratch and tear and snag you.

What struck me most about 13 Minutes was the dark, gritty, toxic reality of female friendships displayed here. Girls can be such bitches in high school (because that's the age we're talking here). They backstab without thinking (or better yet, not caring) of who they are h


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