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1. Title:Mathematical recreations

Author: Maurice Kraitchik

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Dover Pubns





Jenna Review: I don't begrudge this book any of the love it may be getting, but I'm personally going to have to rate it two big handle-less hatchet heads Down!

I was absolutely obsessed with this book pre-release, loved everything about the concept, title, cover - I stalked the websites of two different library systems daily so that I could put a hold on the book the very moment one of them had finally ordered it. This is crazy behavior that fully deserves the 40 whacks of book disappointment I received.



❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃ Review: Gawd, i love the sound of this.


Anna Review: Review originally posted on Diary of an Eccentric

Only Mr. Darcy Will Do is a retelling of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Kara Louise, which originally was self-published as Something Like Regret. Louise opens her novel a year after Elizabeth Bennet rejected Mr. Darcy’s marriage proposal at Rosings, and while she cannot forgive the role he played in separating her sister, Jane, from Mr. Bingley, she believes she may have been wrong about other aspects of Mr. Darcy’s character.

However, even if sh


Laurie Beemer Review: This is the second book in the Conflicted Series by Ava Starke and it is an exciting as the first one. This book makes you question all relationships; both the good and the bad. The triangle of Alex, Audrey, and Theo shows the readers that not all is as it seems; keep both eyes open and follow your heart and your gut. This book is full of romance, surprise, and some serious issues that are often hard to discuss. This book was a good read and I am excited to read the rest in the series. Thank you


~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ Review: Simeon and Adrián are not friends. They used to be. But Simeon left the Predators for the Barons, and Adrián, not willing to acknowledge his attraction or feelings of betrayal, talked smack about Simeon nonstop—first accusing Simeon of stealing the Predators' play book, later bullying Simeon on social media with microaggressive comments about Simeon’s sexuality.

The two get in each other's face at a preseason game, and the result is a six-week suspension and forced togetherness as volunteers for


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