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Author: Philip Hofmann

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James Review: 4 out of 5 stars to Carnegie's Maid, a historical fiction novel set to be published in January 2018 by Marie Benedict.

Why This Book
I saw this show up on NetGalley and wanted to read something about the Carnegie family. I've been on a hunt to read/learn more about all the "tycoons" of America, curious about all the connections between them. I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction, so I requested this one and was approved. I picked it up last month because of a trip to the Vanderbilt Estate, eve


Sahar Aref Review: میشه یه پولی بدیم به خانم مسمی پرست دیگه ترجمه نکنه؟! حیف از دورکیم نیست که این خانم دونه دونه کتاب هاش رو حروم کرده؟!


Heather andrews Review: Braun is quite the manly man, "my jaw dropped as I watch him stride right out into the freaking blizzard in just his boxers, the door slamming shut behind him." Braun says the sweetest things, "...You’re mine now, sweetness, and no one is going to take you away from me.” I really liked this book, it was a quick, enjoyable read.


Cynthia L. Turner Review: Joyzal and Jacole

The second book in The Alien Bounty Hunters series and it is just as good


Kentucky Bohemian Review: This sweet romance almost lost me at one point, I’ll admit. The pace just seemed a bit slower than what I usually prefer. But I’m so glad I decided to stick it out. The cast of characters are, after all, richly developed and delightful in their own right. Jenna is a woman whose inner monologue so closely follows my own that I was at the same time humiliated, frightened, and intrigued. Nick is a wonderful man with much to offer, but we only know that because we can get into his head at times, too


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