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1. Title:Нестор Махно (ЖЗЛ: Жизнь Замечательных Людей)

Author: Голованов Василий

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Молодая гвардия




caroline wilson Review: A light fluffy read, 3.5
I received this book by the author for an honest opinion
This book is about Brad who after his bumble brain boss gambles the company away loses his job and his health insurance which is a daunting prospect due to his heart condition. After going to his best friend Zach who owns his own steam punk coffee shop and meeting Zacks quirky customers who suggest a sham marriage so Brad can get his health insurance as they are proof of the advantages of a pretend marriage themselve


Kiki Review: I'll probably wait until Alex reviews this.
I'm no fan of Petal and the whole thing is just making her come across as...there is no finer word...a little bitchy. She's not really coming across as a strong woman but rather a needy whiny child.

She has a dog in the manger attitude and I'm frankly not appreciating it.

By the sound of it, SHE pushed for divorce and a man IS allowed to move on after you let him go, and then suddenly you decide "oh no, I can't let another woman have him, I want him back


Bam Review: In this dystopian novel, Cedar Hawk Songmaker is four months pregnant at the end of the world as we know it. Evolution has come to a screeching halt and is seemingly rapidly reversing. Society is falling apart; food is scarce; nobody knows exactly what is happening. The US government has been replaced by something called the Church of the New Constitution and they are actively rounding up all pregnant women to study them and their fetuses.

We learn all this through journal entries that Cedar is


Lulu Forth Review: "It’s always been you. For forever.”

3.5 stars. This is a sweet, low angst, easy read and I enjoyed reading it!

Ben and Adam have been best friends since college (although Adam has had a secret crush on Ben the whole time). They are both musicians. Ben is signed with a major label and become a cookie cut pop star and Adam has been doing a few gigs to support his genuine passion which is writing music for other artists.

Adam has been dating his 'manager' Ellis for a few months and one evening at a


Christy Review: 5 + brave and bold stars!!!

Want the naked truth about It Ends with Us? Reading this book will change your life. It’s so different from any of Colleen Hoover’s other books. You can tell it’s heavier, more personal, just more. This book is deep. It’s profound. It’s a book that needs to be read. I'll repeat: THIS IS A BOOK THAT NEEDS TO BE READ!

This story is moving. It will make you think about things that are uncomfortable to think about. It will lift your heart, devastate you at times, make you


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