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Carole Review: http://www.my-bo0ks.com/2017/12/elia-...

Ce n’est pas une façon de parler lorsque je disais que j’avais une immense impatience de lire Elia, la passeuse d'âmes, tome 2 : Saison froide. C’est donc tout naturellement qu’avec l’annonce qu’il y aurait quelques exemplaires lors de la dédicace de l’auteure, Marie Vareille (qui soit dit en passant est a-do-rable) à Montreuil, qu’avec les copines nous avons fait le pied de grue sur le stand PKJ pendant… plusieurs heures. Et quelle rencontre <3 Tout ça


X. Rhodes Review: Here’s the thing about Zoe; I fell for her in Teagan’s Let’s Get Texual and now, watching her and being in her head. I fell for her more. She’s witty, snappy, and says whatever comes to mind. And I do mean “whatever” comes to mind.

Caleb on the other hand, he really shocked me in this story. The persona he gives his college friends is one that’s not entirely true. He’s a closet nerd, reading comic books and staying out late to study. But he’s also got a heart of gold, wanting to help those he lo


Colleen Review: So, to be honest I have been so inundated with research articles, that my free time reading choices have been, well, light. I have been taking on really easy reads due to the fact that my brain hurts.
I thought, being Jodi Piccoult and all, that this book would fit into that category, however I was pleasantly surprised. This book was not only extremely well written, but thought provoking and moving. I never considered a book that took various perspectives of the Holocaust, well because I only bel


Robin (Bridge Four) Review: Sale Alert 30Dec17 Kindle Daily Deal for $1.99 . For me the Andrews can really do no wrong. Here is another chance to pick this up for a steal here

4.75 Come Into My Lair Stars

I keep thinking that I'm going to write you guys a better review of this. But no matter what I say it will not be as awesome as the words in the book and the fantastic blend of humor, sexual tension and action.

This was one of my favorite descriptions in the book though.

he had thunder on his brow and lightning in his eye.


Melissa Review: *4.5 stars*

All hail the queen of crime fiction—Karin Slaughter has done it again. This clever author has penned another compelling and tantalizingly twisted thriller in her signature no-holds-barred approach. Not that I doubted her brilliance for even a second—there’s a reason she’s been one of my very favorites since stepping foot in Grant County more than a decade ago.

As readers, we all find ourselves hanging on to an author’s every word for different reasons. For me, Karin Slaughter has alwa


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