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Jackie D Review: Cami has moved back to her hometown after her singing career did not pan out, she is going to take over her Aunts Candy shop that was left to her.
Trying to avoid most of the townspeople for the moment, especially her ex, Evan whose now the Mayor, she only makes it one day before running into him well falling into him really...
These two did not end their relationship on good terms, and are already proving the hurt is still there, but so is the spark.
As much as Evan wants to ignore the women who


Susan Krich Review: This is a Goodreads book.
I really enjoyed reading this book.
I can see how young readers would be caught up in the action.
The vocabulary is such that young readers will have no trouble following all parts of the adventure no matter how fantastic it seems.
A vivid imagination lets you visualize exactly what Darcy and Steve are seeing and feeling.
My grandson will love this book and keep it for his future children.
I hope there are more Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve books.


Bookdragon Sean Review: Robert Louis Stevenson was a man who knew how to play his audience. Utterson, the primary point of view character for this novel, is a classic Victorian gentleman; he is honest, noble and trustworthy; he is the last reputable acquaintance of down going men like Henry Jekyll. So, by having a character who evokes the classic feelings of Victorian realism narrate the abnormal encounterings, it gives it credibility; it gives it believability; thus, the story is scarier because if a man such as Utter


Holly B Review:
DNF at 30%


Fishgirl Review: I guess I should straight off the bat tell you what happened when I finished reading "The Humans." And yes, I know this is supposed to be a review about "How to Stop Time." Bear with me. So, I finished "The Humans" and I a)wept b) started it again immediately c) spent the next two years giving it to everyone on my gift list and basically insisting everyone read it. My ace in the hole has always been this - "If the road gets rocky (and everyone's road gets rocky sometimes) I can re-read "The Huma


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